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Return Policy

We at Fantasy World take every possible precaution to ensure that your order is shipped accurately and arrives safely. Upon request, we will also test and inspect cars and other items for proper appearance and operation prior to shipping. However, mistakes, random component failures, and shipping damage do occasionally occur. When a return becomes necessary, these policies will apply:

All returns must have an RA#. To receive a return authorization # please call us toll-free at 1-877-318-7144 or e-mail us at returns@fantasyworldhobbies.com. When authorizing your return we will instruct you where and how to ship all returned items.  Packages without an RA# will NOT be accepted.  We require that the RA# be visible on at least 1 side of the box, it is advisable to write your RA# on 3 sides to ensure it is not covered by shipping labels.

Miss-shipped and shipping damaged items will be issued a call tag when receiving their RA#.  Items returned for this reason must be reported within 5 days of receipt of shipment and returned within 5 days of receiving your call tag and RA#.  miss-shipped or shipping damaged items must be returned unused in their original packaging.

Defective items: Since we have no control over the conditions under which slot cars, tracks, and related components are used and since slot car racing is known to be an environment in which repeated or heavy crashes and other normal perils of racing competition can cause damage leading to failures, we will replace or repair (our option) free of charge only those items found to have failed entirely as the result of a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase. If we determine that an item has failed as the result of a manufacturing defect we will credit the customer's charge card account for the cost of parcel post or UPS ground shipping incurred in returning the item to us. All other items may be repaired or replaced at the customer's expense, including all shipping costs. We cannot accept returns of entire race sets except for miss-shipment. Damaged or defective components of a race set may be returned for repair or replacement. Items purchased as part of a race set or expansion or upgrade set may be returned only for repair or exchange for an identical item. In addition, we can not accept the return of any item on which the customer has attempted to make a repair unless the repair was attempted at the explicit direction of our technical department. Items modified in any way may not be returned.

Collectors: Fantasy World is aware that collectors want cars as nearly perfect as possible in order to assure maximum collector value. When requested at the time the order is placed, we will inspect cars and other items for appearance flaws and will make every effort to ship the best example available of the ordered item. However, it should be understood that slot cars are mass-produced items manufactured and sold for the purpose of competition and we cannot accept repeated returns of saleable and serviceable items simply because they are not “perfect” enough. Such returns will be accepted only for exchange on an identical item and will be limited to one exchange per item.

We also cannot accept returns for flaws in packaging. We will inspect items, including packaging, for those who request it, and we will send the best ones in stock. We will be glad to ensure, as far as we possibly can, that plastic cases are free of cracks and as free as possible of rub marks and scratches. We always pack orders to provide as much protection as possible to the items and their packages. However, the purchaser should understand that the purpose of packaging is to sacrifice itself in order to protect the item inside, and a very high percentage of some cars and other items come to us from manufacturers or distributors with packaging that shows signs of wear from shipping.

We do attempt to contact the customer whenever we encounter a situation in which we can't find an example of an ordered item that we think will satisfy the customer. Please bear in mind, however, that in many cases it simply is not possible to find a flawless example of an item and its packaging. The best we or any dealer can do in such a situation is to sell you the best one available within the limitations of the manufacturer's quality control.

15% Restocking Fee will be applied to ALL items returned for reasons other than miss-shipment or damage, you will not be credited for return shipping on these items.  Returns will only be accepted on items in resalable condition.

Cross Shipping is available for all exchanges, including those that may involve a restocking fee.  To have your replacement item cross shipped you will need to talk with a returns representative at 1-877-318-7144.  Please be advised that you will be charged for the replacement item when it ships and will not be credited for the return item until we receive it.  All Cross Ship returns must be received within 30 days from the date the RA# is created.

Whenever you have a question or concern regarding a possible return, please call or e-mail us. We'll be glad to answer your questions and address your concerns